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A Bad Book Review Isn't the End of the World

Yes, been there too, but it's not all bad. Don't get discouraged if you get bad book reviews because they are inevitable. Relax and take a deep breath. Right from the beginning let me say that no bad review is ever welcome but it is definitely not a death sentence for your book. This is one of the unavoidable pitfalls of being published.

It comes with the territory and there's no handbook for how to deal with the personal gut-wrenching impact. Anyone who chooses a career in the arts -- music, acting, painting, and writing -- should accept that reviews, good, bad, and non-committal, are a part of the business. All artists have to deal with all kinds of reviews. Truthfully, if you as an author can't deal with bad reviews in a practical manner, then your experience in the field of writing is going to be a hard, unhappy one.

Don't let that happen. A bad review is, of course, very uncomfortable to read. You can cry, have a few too many drinks, or get mad. A few authors take it with a grain of salt and let it go or at least, pretend to do so. This is your book someone just skewered, your baby. You've made sacrifices to get the book written and published.

You want to scream or at least write a nasty rebuttal to your critic. Go ahead and scream if you must but forget the nasty-gram and don't despair. Try to think clearly and rationally; it's hard to do but for your own peace of mind you have to do it. It pays to always remember that you will never please everyone's reading criteria or tastes. She felt both mentions were irrelevant to the story. I admit I was miffed but sent an email thanking her for her honest review.

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As it turned out her review was good publicity because, in contrast to the reviewer's negative take on the wine and the SUV, I have had other people write me and tell me that the mention of what my character liked to drink and the vehicle she prefers to drive, made her more real and relatable to the readers.

No author is free from negative book reviewers. It happens whether you're just starting out in your writing career or already an established author. Just remember that the review shouldn't signal the death knell for your hard written work. I'm sure the author who received the following review was mad as Hell:. No matter how thick-skinned you are that review packs a hard punch. What book could this critic be describing?

Ah yes, the reviewer is offering an opinion on one of the great American classics; I'm pretty sure you know it. It's a bit of fiction by F. Scott Fitzgerald titled The Great Gatsby. None of us are immune from criticism. Now go back to your desk and write the next best-seller. You won't please everyone and that is just fine. Grave Misgivings, book 2 in the popular Cate Harlow Private Investigation series is now available where all books are sold. US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Here are excerpts from his essay:. Among the named sources: Francesco Lepore, a brilliant young gay Latin translator and priest.

Well, maybe. I fully credit the possibility, even the likelihood, that this is true.

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But without names attached to the claims, the reader has to trust the author. Martel makes this very, very difficult to do. I say this as a reader who, though a theological and moral conservative, is inclined to believe, broadly, these claims. Martel seems to believe that they help the liberal cause, but I think an equally strong case can be made for the opposite conclusion. But precisely because I am prepared to believe them , I am on guard against confirmation bias.

The revelations keep coming, page after page. Some of the most conservative clerics concede the truth of the book on the record.

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Many of us are exasperated by the usually rather indiscreet advances of the cardinals and bishops. Of course, many of these sources remain unnamed. The very subject matter makes that unavoidable. While he was in Colombia, Trujillo toured the country on a witch hunt for progressive prelates.

3. It’s a molehill, not a mountain

How do we know? The paramilitaries identified them and sometimes went back to murder them. Often they had to leave the region or the country.

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If Martel had had a stronger editorial hand guiding him, his book would have been much better. The lies, and the structures of lies, have to end. If it requires conservatives having to face squarely and without excuse the failures of St. If even half of this is true, the Catholic Church has an existential crisis on its hands, something as threatening to it as the Reformation. The people ought to know it. Sullivan ends his column on a deeply personal note. I can tell you, as someone who was in touch with him as he was reading the book, that this is entirely true and heartfelt:.

As for me, someone who has wrestled with the question of homosexuality and Catholicism for much of my adult life, this book has, to be honest, been gutting. Everything I was taught growing up — to respect the priests and hierarchs, to trust them, to accept their moral authority — is in tatters. To realize that the gay closet played a part in enabling the terrible, unimaginable abuse of the most vulnerable is a twist my psyche is having a hard time absorbing. Reading this long book, I found myself falling asleep not because it was boring.

Au contraire. My mind and body kept shutting down. Read the whole thing. That may be a real moral problem for some churchmen. He likes opera. He must be gay.

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He likes vestments. Must be gay. He has a pleasant voice. The book is trash. The supposed justice meted to McCarrick amounts to a cover-up. These men do not fear the justice of God or men. Whole thing here. Rod Dreher E-mail Rod Follow roddreher.

Bad Book Bad Book
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Bad Book Bad Book

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