Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy?

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Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy?

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Case Closed, Vol. 12 by Gosho Aoyama

At times some customers have experienced delays of several minutes. An Italian gang who stole the gold coins attempts to steal back their goods but is apprehended by Conan. Afterwards, Amy becomes infatuated with Conan and kisses him on the cheek. Rachel's friend, Serena Sebastian , invites her to attend a film club's reunion party at a villa. Conan and Rachel meet a mysterious man covered in bandages on their way. The bandaged man starts to kill members of the film club one by one as the night goes on.

Conan tranquilizes Serena and impersonates her to expose the murderer, the fat member of the film club who was only pretending to be obese.

Serena invites Rachel to meet the members of a band at a karaoke parlor. The lead singer dies after singing his favorite song. Conan solves the case by using the bow-tie set to his original voice and reveals the manager to be the murderer. Afterwards, Rachel waits outside Jimmy's house for him. Conan manages to give her a Christmas present while posing as Jimmy and keeps his identity a secret.

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Later a woman posing as Conan's mother kidnaps him, after revealing she knows his true identity. Conan escapes and begins investigating her and her companion, a mysterious masked man. Conan discovers the woman and masked man to be his parents, Booker Kudo and Vivian Kudo , who were told of his situation by Agasa. They offer to take him to America with them but Conan refuses, as he wants to be with Rachel. Richard is hired to investigate the affair of the wife of an antique collector. The collector is murdered and his last three visitors are the suspects.

They take on a request to find a lost cat, they discover that the cat had invaded a home where they discover a man drowned in his bathtub. When the police arrive, the dead man answers the door and the crime scene has been cleaned. Conan reveals the man is the murderer and had been impersonating his twin brother whom he killed. Conan, Richard, and Rachel attend a festival when they become involved with a man who is a prime suspect to murdering his roommate.

List of Case Closed volumes

Conan suspects the man to be the murderer but he has an alibi supported by pictures. Conan tranquilizes Richard and reveals that the photos which prove the murderer's alibi were taken from last year. The next day Richard receives a letter requesting him to investigate something at Tsukikage Island. While asking the residents of the island about the identity of the sender, they discover the name matches a famous pianist who died many years prior.

A string of murders relating to the deceased pianist begins and Conan investigates. He determines the killer to be the doctor, who is the son of the deceased pianist. The doctor stays in a burning building and kills himself, mirroring the way his father died. A girl visits the Moore agency, requesting them to search for her boyfriend Jimmy. Conan tells her Jimmy will meet her at her house if she takes Rachel and Conan with her. As he investigates, Conan realizes the girl wants Jimmy to investigate a kidnapping case involving the brother of a star Tokyo soccer player. The kidnapper demands the girl tells her boyfriend to throw his match or lose his brother.

Conan realizes the kidnapper is the teammate of the star player and proceeds to locate him. Conan and Rachel rescue the kidnapped boy. Rachel's misunderstanding of Jimmy's relationship with the girl is fixed. Agasa enters Conan along with Richard and Rachel into a contest where the winner is to receive free accommodations at a luxury hotel, and a floppy disk of a reputed computer virus.

The winner must correctly identify which of the participants is a character called the Night Baron, which is also the name of the virus program. However, when one of the participants is dropped from the hotel room in the Night Baron costume, and the costume is mysteriously taken afterwards, Conan must rush to find the killer.

Rachel and Serena and Conan attend the wedding of their middle school music teacher. But when she is poisoned from her lemon tea drink, Conan determines possible culprits. Conan plays hide-and-seek with his friends when Amy falls asleep in a trunk of a car, where she finds a severed head.

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Worried that she might have been kidnapped by serial killers, Conan and friends use the Junior Detective League badge to track her down with his solar-powered skateboard. Richard has a class reunion with his Judo club. When the manager of the club is murdered, Conan investigates, but after observing that Richard has a personal stake in the case, he drops hints that allow Richard to solve it.

名探偵コナン (Detective Conan) - Case Closed cover by Note & Pin - violins & piano

Later, Richard is invited over by a company owner whose daughter is being showcased for possible suitors. The car tires of the guests are slashed, leaving them stranded at the mansion. But when some of the guests are murdered and Rachel almost becomes one of the victims, Conan and Richard begin investigating. Conan figures out the murderer's identity. High-school detective Harley Hartwell arrives in Tokyo to search for Jimmy, in order to test his powers of deduction.

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Harley accompanies Richard as he investigates the murder of a diplomat. Harley reveals his deductions but is corrected by Jimmy, who has returned to his normal form after drinking the Chinese alcohol paikaru. After correcting Harley's deductions, Jimmy reverts back to Conan without revealing his identity. Conan plans to drink more of the alcohol to become Jimmy again, and opts to play with the Junior Detective League one final time. At the library they overhear one of the staff is missing and stay overnight to investigate.

They discover the library director has been smuggling drugs in the books and murdering the staff when he was caught. After apprehending the director, Conan returns home and drinks the alcohol only to find it ineffective. Conan wins a ski trip and is accompanied by Richard and Rachel. When they lose their keys, they are invited to stay at a university professor's chalet. The professor is fatally stabbed, but leaves a message for Richard to decipher before dying. Conan realizes the message refers to shogi and reveals the culprit. Richard is hired to speak about the privacy of cellphones on live TV.

Meanwhile, the TV anchor man murders his producer.

Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy? Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy?
Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy? Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy?
Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy? Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy?
Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy? Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy?
Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy? Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy?
Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy? Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy?
Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy? Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy?
Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy? Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy?
Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy? Case Closed, Vol. 12: Who Shanked Teddy?

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