Drunk Dialing the Divine

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I can nevertheless still think of a handful of scenarios where something like Drunk Post Translator might possibly be a useful service. If you text, you flake, and poorly at that.

So There's an App That Lets You Text Like You're Drunk When You're Sober

Awkward texting is the new lie detector test , after all. But what if there were a way to bail on your friend's party you know, the one you said on Facebook you'd attend when it's already 10pm, your bed feels great, and Well, why even bother? Just pretend like you're too far gone to show up:.

Drunk Dialing the Divine by Amber Koneval

Let's face it: Getting drunk is the absolute worst. Know what's also the absolute worst? I did what any good, observant Jew would do: I said prayers and studied the Torah and other books on Judaism. It was a relationship. The Tanakh Old Testament is full of them, and they were down right intimate and personal.

We see this dynamic between God and the Children of Israel page after page, yet it seems so foreign, so far removed by all these years. So I cracked open a bottle of wine and asked him to come over for a chat. Simple enough, right?

Well, the day became cooler, and darker. I lit my fire pot and poured another glass of wine. I sat quietly and patiently as I stared into the flame.

"Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why"- Kurt Vonnegut

Did God just stand me up? All I wanted was some company. All I wanted was what those folks in the Tanakh had. Was I asking too much? Did I do something wrong? Does God not like cheap Merlot? He wants you to begin being a master-level leader right now!

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Surrender your heart, study diligently and become stable. Over time you will find yourself being exponentially more fruitful in His Kingdom.

Mac Miller Is High on Life (and Maybe, Probably, a Girl)

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Amber Koneval-Drunk Dialing the Divine

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Drunk Dialing the Divine Drunk Dialing the Divine
Drunk Dialing the Divine Drunk Dialing the Divine
Drunk Dialing the Divine Drunk Dialing the Divine
Drunk Dialing the Divine Drunk Dialing the Divine
Drunk Dialing the Divine Drunk Dialing the Divine
Drunk Dialing the Divine Drunk Dialing the Divine

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