JumpStart! A Headhunters Guide to Job Changing

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Find an expert. Student experience Orientation How can we help? Career Resources. Global Career Portal. GradAustralia Business Careers Guide. I have an avid interest in management consulting, and my conversation with Mr. X, one of your senior consultants, has further inspired me to seek this position. I believe this opportunity will provide me with unparalleled experience in business consulting. Explain briefly and clearly why you are suited for the position without using the exact same words or phrases on your resume.

Refer to your most relevant skills and accomplishments and match them to the requirements of the consulting position. My three years of experience as a marketing manager at Accelerator honed my ability to develop and implement marketing campaigns, as well as how to effectively collaborate with a team.

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I enjoy working with teams and hold several leadership positions within my various extracurricular activities. I am currently the Vice President for X Group, and I also participate in a non-profit organization that tutors local youth in math and reading. I believe that my strong work ethic, analytical skills, and initiative have given me the requisite skills and ability to contribute to the growth and success of your firm. The closing paragraph of your Bain cover letter should reaffirm your suitability for the role.

Finally, do not forget to sign your letter.

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If you are submitting a paper application, you must place your handwritten signature above your name. This is a sign of proper business etiquette and professionalism. If you are sending an email application, a signature may not be necessary; however, you must not forget to write your name at the bottom of your letter. Thank you for your time and consideration. A Bain cover letter needs to be perfectly written and presented.

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If you want to land a consulting job with this prestigious firm, avoid committing the following mistakes:. What Bain Looks For Bain looks for candidates who can demonstrate they possess qualifications imperative to consulting such as sharp problem solving and strong leadership skills and a true passion for consulting. Bain Cover Letter Structure Your consulting cover letter should only contain three to five paragraphs, and the information needs to be presented in a concise yet comprehensive manner. Bain Cover Letter Sample: Contact Information and Salutation The most important thing you need to remember for this section is accuracy.

Bain Cover Letter Sample: Introduction The first paragraph is where you mention the purpose of your letter, which is applying for the consulting position. BCG Cover Letter. Bain Cover Letter. Bain Resume Sample. Many graduates lack familiarity with the basics of job searching, or how to sell themselves to employers when they have minimal work experience. This guide includes advice on:.

OK, time for a reality check.


Unless you are extremely fortunate, you will not find your perfect job right out of school. But you need to remember that there are thousands of other new grads out there looking to jumpstart their careers too. You may find that there are limited opportunities on offer with your preferred company or in your ideal role.

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Be flexible in this case. Look for opportunities that vary slightly from these ideals. By all means, stay true to your interests and background. For example, you may want a financial analyst position with a commercial bank. Chances are good that many of the skills required of a project assistant are required of financial analysts as well. And maybe you can start off as a project assistant, prove your abilities, and make a leap to an analyst.

The point is to look for opportunities that are relevant to the career path you foresee for yourself. This may also mean pursuing unpaid internship opportunities as a potential starting point with a company or career path. Internships often lead to full-time, paid roles; and worst-case, an internship offers you valuable experience that you can use to help secure employment elsewhere.

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Before you start your job search, you had better make sure you have a resume or CV that you can send along to recruiters or other contacts. So throw away that Word document you created five years ago when you applied for a job as a restaurant server, and upgrade to a modern version. You will want to give careful attention to layout and design so that you can make a visual impact on recruiters. A resume builder can help on that front. But even more important is the content you include.

JumpStart! A Headhunters Guide to Job Changing JumpStart! A Headhunters Guide to Job Changing
JumpStart! A Headhunters Guide to Job Changing JumpStart! A Headhunters Guide to Job Changing
JumpStart! A Headhunters Guide to Job Changing JumpStart! A Headhunters Guide to Job Changing
JumpStart! A Headhunters Guide to Job Changing JumpStart! A Headhunters Guide to Job Changing
JumpStart! A Headhunters Guide to Job Changing JumpStart! A Headhunters Guide to Job Changing

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