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Together they unearth horrific family secrets that were meant to stay buried forever.

A Chance Beginning

Choice Cuts. Wind-Up Toy. Simone is a quiet, shy boy with a lot of murky secrets. Simone stays in the shadows and lives on the cusp of society, until he comes out and plays one evening. Like all boys, his mother is his best friend, but he has others. Unusual friends. After Life. Celia wants what every teenager wants; her dad to calm down, a great friend in college, possibly a boyfriend.

Her father, Andy, is not unlike any other parent. He wants her to be successful, happy, and most importantly, safe from zombies. It is the year and none have been seen since before Celia was born. In the back of Andy's mind, he knows they could return. The Book of Roland. Roland begins his day like any other day.

Drinking coffee, watching the news, receiving a cryptic call from his brother, the scientist, confirming that what feared had finally come to fruition. Promising to meet up with his brother, Roland forgets about everything and starts his journey. When all others are fleeing Indianapolis, the center of the outbreak, Roland wades into the hordes of undead.

Tower Lord ( Raven's Shadow #2) by Anthony Ryan Audiobook Full 1/3

The Book of Ashley. His new plan is to possess Jessica in hopes of being born into this world with a cleansed soul as her child. The destination is Columbus, Ohio where Velius' followers are lying in wait to care for the unborn child, raising it until it comes of age to take over this plane.

The characters in her discarded and unfinished stories are coming to life, and one of them is a vicious killer, who photographs his victims as they die in the hopes of catching their fleeing spirits on camera. And his victims, now trapped between worlds, ache for vengeance And who will win when two iconic creatures of the night clash on a desolate WWI battlefield? The Starhawk Chronicles. Though more than a quarter-century has passed since the end of the last war, the Galactic Confederation is still busy picking up the pieces.

Whole sectors of the galaxy remain lawless, rife with corruption and greed. The criminal element has a well-established foothold on these sectors. Rest and Wreck-reation. Asclepius Stone. Cancer GONE. Heart disease GONE. Failing eyesight restored and obesity vanquished. In the middle of one dark and snowy winter night, Doc's shed was burned down by a curious meteor that cures disease, reverses aging, and elicits euphoria. Hell Gate. Sixteen-year-old Jason is living a nightmare within a nightmare. He is trying to survive a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by demons from another realm, but it was his mother who opened the door in her experiment gone wrong.

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In a last ditch effort to redeem his family name and unload his guilt, he joins a squad whose mission is to destroy the Hell spawn around Mont St. With the successful closure of the Hell Gate in Paris, Jason McCreary decides to take his team on an expedition around the world to close the remaining four portals. After recruiting new members and preparing the remaining antimatter devices, the set off to their first destination: Russia. Rise of the Sataners. Yet the challenges they face are much greater than before.

Jason must also make a choice between his personal loyalty and the success of the mission.

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All writers get it, and Arthur Turk is no different. He is struggling to get his books published. With every idea he has, someone beats him to the presses with the same thoughts. Just when he thinks he has had enough and his frustrations start to consume him, he is approached by someone named Mayflower, a mysterious man who offers him a job writing for a local weekly periodical, a horror magazine. The Future is Built on Ashes. By Charles Lee Mullinex R'hale is a warrior, an assassin, one of the last of his clan, and immortal compared to the mere humans.

From before time was recorded he was there.

Risingshadow - Science Fiction & Fantasy Books

Waiting for his journey to cross paths once more with the one he seeks to assassinate. What we know as humans is less than half of the truth. This eternal soul knows it all, he lived it all and now he is telling his tale. Through his timeless eyes, we see everything that has come to pass. The Soulless One.

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  • The solar eclipse is a time to celebrate. Inns in Port Antonia will stay open later so more than the usual drinking and merriment can be enjoyed.

    Ben Barnes Joins Cast of Netflix’s ‘Shadow and Bone’ as Series Regular

    The followers of El Baan have other plans. They need to complete seven sadistic sacrifices on the nights leading up to the eclipse to release their dark god from his immortal shackles. Widow of the Empyrean. The world as we know it is nothing more than a curiosity to historians. Humanity has gone into space out of necessity. The survivors watched as Earth was destroyed, and then turned their attention towards living in this hostile environment. Forgotten Hero. The Chronicles of Death 1 At a place once called Rhamagabora, evil's champion turned on his master and defeated him.

    Two thousand years have passed and that fateful day has vanished from the pages of history. Most have forgotten, but for generations, an evil few have followed the Path and kept the lore alive. Keeping to the shadows, they plot to fulfill an ancient prophecy and resurrect their master to once again plunge the world into darkness. Dark Times. Murray The battle for Teldor is over but at what cost? A hero has fallen and a foul deception is revealed.

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    Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2) Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2)
    Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2) Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2)
    Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2) Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2)
    Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2) Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2)
    Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2) Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2)
    Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2) Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2)
    Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2) Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2)
    Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2) Shadow (The Book of Fire Trilogy 2)

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