Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead

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While she appears driven to try to bite her captors, whether this is in an attempt to eat their flesh or simply as a means to escape is left unclear. Her bite is shown to infect others, however, which J. The zombies in The Dead Matter most closely resemble voodoo, as they're completely controlled by whoever holds the scarab and die when it' deactivated, but they can also operate somewhat independently and apparently can spread their effect The "dolls" in The Devil-Doll aren't actually dead. When the Mad Scientist shrinks people down to eight inches tall, they are still alive, but they are in a sort of stasis or suspended animation, and look just like dolls.

But the Mad Scientist has the power to use Telepathy to turn the "doll" into a tiny mind-controlled slave that will do his will. Die You Zombie Bastards! They're green with purple hair and have deformed faces. While they never speak, they seem to be sentient.

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There were undead zombies who were identical to the ones we see, but they were destroyed with their alien overlords. Doom : These are mutated by a Martian virus to give them superpowers and increase their violent tendencies. Some of them resemble wounded corpses, and some resemble various other monsters, but all have an uncontrollable urge to kill.

Fido : A clear shout-out to Night of the Living Dead , "space radiation" is cited as the reason that any fresh corpse with an intact brain will rise up as a shambling ghoul with an instinctive urge to consume human flesh. This urge can be negated if they are fitted with a special control collar, which allows them to be sold as domestic servants.

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They also show an ability to learn and even to regard some humans as non-food friends regardless of whether they are collared. One important difference from Romero zombies is that their bites are not invariably fatal, as one very much alive character sports a bite scar from his girlfriend. The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake : These are created by voodoo curses and can't rest until their purpose is fulfilled. Frankenstein's Army : These are crudely-made automatons with various mechanical parts attached to their bodies, that exist entirely to serve their master.

When said master dies, they go utterly berserk until they're put down. Frightmare : These are fully sapient revenants resurrected by Black Magic and who retain their exact personalities from life. They have Psychic Powers , up to and including pyrokinesis. Gallowwalkers : These are damned souls returned by a Curse on the man who killed them, only able to be properly slain by decapitation.

They're also fully sapient and don't sleep. Gory Gory Hallelujah : These are resurrected by an artifact from God, and act like your standard flesh-eating shamblers.


Appearance-wise, they're green and have very long fingernails. They seem to display some mild sapience, demonstrating the ability to use tools. In Jean Rollin's The Grapes of Death , farm pesticides cause bouts of violent insanity in residents of France's wine-producing region. An inadvertent artificial with elements of plague-bearing, but they aren't infectious, have lucid periods, and can recover completely.

The brilliantly awful '80s flick Hard Rock Zombies features a localized Zombie Apocalypse started by—wait for it—an eerie bass riff discovered by glam rocker protagonist Jessie. The first zombies, that of the unnamed protagonist band, are revenants, as their first act is to get revenge against those who killed them, then they go to a scheduled concert and rock out.

Those who they kill, however, also rise as zombies and kill others, who continue the process. Given the origins of the zombies, they could arguably be voodoo the "curse," in this case, being the music , as there is no mention of a plague and those killed rise as zombies no matter what methods are used to kill them. Some are flesh-eating zombies, and one little mutant midget zombie actually eats himself from the feet up. Horrors of War : These are undead beasts that exist solely to kill with their brute strength, and can only be put down by a bullet to the head.

Even the, sometimes it takes two. Mick and Pnub from Idle Hands are undead stoners who returned from the dead because Mick: I mean, there was this bright white light at the end of a long tunnel, right, and there was these chicks' voices, and that music Pnub: Yeah, kinda uncool music, like, Enya. And these chicks' voices, they were saying, "come to us, come towards the light".

The Zombies in Paradise Rot are intelligent only as long as they eat human brains. They can survive on animals, but they start to lose intelligence as they do so.

This causes some vampire-esque angst, as some of them don't like killing and eating innocents. Russian writer Andrei Kruz invented the All-in-One zombies.

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They start as classic slow zombies, rotting mindless flesh-eating husks, reanimated by solanum -like virus. After consuming some living flesh, they get faster and smarter, some even able to use simple weapons such as clubs and knives. The more living meat they eat, the more they mutate, eventualy becoming "supers" - fast and powerful monsters with enough regeneration capability to survive concentrated machinegun fire.

Hans Christian Andersen 's poem What the zombie did can be particularly confusing in this respect, because a zombie actually is accused of painting better than the great spanish artist Murillo. It turns out to be an african boy with promising skills as an artist, but the Africans, according to Andersen, regard the zombies as benevolent spirits.

The Radiant Dawn has several types of undead. The creation process for mindless is different than the one for generals. Generals are created in a ritual that is detailed for Aaron and Stacie's conversion. Mindless are raised by necromancers with demonic magic. Undead are magically powered and do not need to consume human flesh. They are effectively controllable troops that do not feel fear, cold, or pain and do not need food or sleep.

Zombies vs. Unicorns : The "Love Will Tear Us Apart" story features a protagonist that is a clear mishmash zombie - he eats brains as the result of an infection, but retains his intelligence and some memory of his previous life, and even has the capacity to love, aww!

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The "Inoculata" story has a lot of plague-bearing zombies, but the main characters all end up infected with the disease, but in such a way that they aren't The other zombies don't bother them i. They're inoculated. John Green 's offering into the Zombies vs. Unicorns genre was the novella Zombicorn , about a zombie apocalypse caused by a strain of GMO corn that produces zombies that are singlemindedly obsessed with corn farming. Discworld gives us example of the Revenant Reg Shoe, Windle Poons temporarily and Voodoo Baron Saturday types, with many implications for but no examples of the Artificial type, mostly revolving around the Igors.

There are also a few varieties of Revenant; Shoe and Poons are fully conscious, although they have the problem that they now have to manually control all of their movements which takes time to relearn. There are also non-sentient ones that Shoe doesn't think should count as zombies at all, just "memories on legs" that hang around their crypts. In Colin Adams' Zombies and Calculus , the "zombies" are infected with a virus that destroys the higher brain centers.

This means that a heart shot is as good as the head, and they can still die from blood loss and presumably asphyxiation or starvation. However, this does not explain why they would prey solely on uninfected humans, rather than catching animals or plundering supermarkets. The catch is that they must be raised for a specific purpose, and some character traits are so ingrained that raising a zombie to go against those traits creates a revenant that can potentially rebel against its creator.

Since this story does not take itself remotely seriously , this means that a cheerleader brought back to kill her former squadmates instead kills the person who brought her back because of the sheer force of her school spirit.

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The draugs featured in Old Tin Sorrows are examples of Voodoo Zombies , being reanimated as a dying gesture of payback by Snake's amateurish magic. Before realizing there's more than one, Garrett expects the first one to show itself will specifically target its murderer, suggesting that most draugs in his world are revenants instead.

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  • Dead Hands from the Old Kingdom trilogy are a combination voodoo and flesh-eating. A Hand is created by a necromancer who summons a minor usually nonsentient undead spirit to inhabit and animate a corpse; the resulting creature is completely under the necromancer's control and generally used as a Mook or for manual labor. If the necromancer is killed or their control is otherwise interrupted, the Hand will begin to wander about aimlessly and will usually attack any living person it stumbles across though it eats life energy, not flesh or brains.

    They can't create more of their kind without a Necromancer or Greater Dead to do it for them. More powerful free-willed Dead also exist, which are usually closer to a revenant, though the purpose that drives them is a need to stay in the world of the living.

    These are usually encountered on their own, but can be enslaved by a greater power to act as Elite Mooks. More powerful still are creatues like Mordicants and Greater Dead , which quickly move out of this trope. The flesh-eating undead they regard "zombie" as a slur in the Resurgam trilogy by Joan Francis Turner are a more sophisticated version of the standard flesh-eating zombie. They rot, and eat the flesh of humans and animals, but they are still sentient and have strong individual personalities, as well as quite a sophisticated culture.

    They also aren't infectious, but that rumour exists among living humans as an urban legend. Discussed in Space Marine Battles novel Death of Antagonis , when the Space Marines note that they expected the usual Slow Zombie, but what they got instead is something different they don't understand. That's because they're of Technically Living variety. The zombies in the Star Wars Legends novels Death Troopers and Red Harvest are a peculiar combination of voodoo, flesh-eating, and plague-bearing.

    The Blackwing virus, as revealed in Red Harvest , was originally the product of Sith Alchemy the Dark Side being pretty much the in-universe equivalent of black magic , specifically an immortality potion Gone Horribly Wrong — the Sith Lord who created it intended for its user to complete the ritual by devouring the heart of a Jedi with a high midichlorian count after infecting himself, but no one ever managed to get that far before becoming a zombie. The virus fell into obscurity for a few millennia, before being rediscovered by the Galactic Empire and reworked through scientific means into a biological weapon.

    It's primarily spread through bite wounds, and takes effect faster that way, but the Imperial version can also be refined into an airborne agent that takes longer to kick in, but transcends all biohazard containment barriers except in the case of rare individuals who are immune to it; bites work the same even in their case. The undead themselves share a kind of group consciousness, and while they start out mindless and feral upon reanimation, seeking only to either eat or infect others, they eventually learn and adapt to such a degree that they can operate blasters, lightsabers, and even starfighters.

    Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead
    Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead
    Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead
    Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead
    Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead
    Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead
    Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead
    Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead Stormy Knight: Prom Queen of the Undead

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