The Consequences of Molly’s Choice

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In retrospect, Molly recognizes that she made several key decisions that made her poker-based life unsustainable, from the drug addition that came with the stress and responsibility for managing the game to underestimating the physical violence the Russian mob would resort to muscle in on her winnings. She ended up broke and the target of aggressive prosecution that could have landed her in prison for a decade or more. A consequence of visual storytelling film is that the range of interpretations of stories broadens compared to written forms e.

The screenplay is the skeleton of the story in a movie. Marketing adds to the complexity because the messaging will effect people in different ways. Jill thought the movie would be about gaming strategy, or survival in the gaming industry. As someone familiar with gaming, she could also see how deeper knowledge of gaming might have also created richer interactions between the character and moved the plot forward. Paradoxically, the gaming element actually discouraged me from seeing the movie. Curr Biol. Dolan 2, 3. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Crockett: ku. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Document S2. Article plus Supplemental Information. Summary An aversion to harming others is a core component of human morality and is disturbed in antisocial behavior [ 1—4 ]. Results Many aspects of the way the human brain carries out the computations essential for healthy social interactions remain unclear.

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Open in a separate window. Experimental Design In each trial, deciders chose between less money and fewer shocks versus more money and more shocks. Drug Effects on Moral Decisions We previously observed in this exact setting that subjects were hyperaltruistic, in that harm aversion was greater for others than for self [ 12 ].

Predictions of Fitted Regression Models of the Interaction of Drug and Effective Dosage on Harm Aversion for Self and Others and Hyperaltruism A Citalopram increased harm aversion for self and others relative to placebo, more strongly for subjects with lower body weight who thus received a higher effective dose. Discussion We combined pharmacological tools with a computational model of harm aversion to show that serotonin and dopamine manifest dissociable neuromodulatory effects on moral decision making.

Author Contributions M. Notes Published: July 2, Supplemental Information Document S1. Article plus Supplemental Information: Click here to view.

The True Story Behind 'Molly’s Game' Is Wild

References 1. Blair R.

The neurobiology of psychopathic traits in youths. Gray K. The moral dyad: a fundamental template unifying moral judgment. FeldmanHall O. What we say and what we do: the relationship between real and hypothetical moral choices. Cushman F. Simulating murder: the aversion to harmful action. Cima M. Distinct characteristics of psychopathy relate to different subtypes of aggression. Aggressive behavior, increased accumbal dopamine, and decreased cortical serotonin in rats. Brown G. Aggression in humans correlates with cerebrospinal fluid amine metabolites.

Psychiatry Res.


Parsey R. Brain Res. Lewis M. Alia-Klein N. Brain monoamine oxidase A activity predicts trait aggression. Buckholtz J. Mesolimbic dopamine reward system hypersensitivity in individuals with psychopathic traits. Crockett M. Harm to others outweighs harm to self in moral decision making. Dalley J. Dopamine, serotonin and impulsivity.

Kahneman D. Prospect theory: an analysis of decision under risk. Zaki J. The neuroscience of empathy: progress, pitfalls and promise. Hein G. Soloff P.

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Seo D. Role of serotonin and dopamine system interactions in the neurobiology of impulsive aggression and its comorbidity with other clinical disorders. Soderstrom H. Boureau Y. Opponency revisited: competition and cooperation between dopamine and serotonin. Cools R. Serotonin and dopamine: unifying affective, activational, and decision functions. Plenge P. Regional distribution of the serotonin transport complex in human brain, identified with 3H-paroxetine, 3H-citalopram and 3H-imipramine. Differential neural circuitry and self-interest in real vs hypothetical moral decisions.

The Consequences of Molly's Choice

Serotonin selectively influences moral judgment and behavior through effects on harm aversion. Dopamine modulates egalitarian behavior in humans.

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Pedroni A. Dopaminergic stimulation increases selfish behavior in the absence of punishment threat. Psychopharmacology Berl. Serotonin modulates the effects of Pavlovian aversive predictions on response vigor. Geurts D. Serotonin and aversive Pavlovian control of instrumental behavior in humans. Dayan P. Serotonin in affective control. Cooper J. Second Edition. Oxford University Press; Oxford: The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology. Vlaev I. I remember we had the cable news station on to get some early sense of the international markets. I think we finished our meal at around As I walked into the still-lit White House, I temporarily had cleared my mind of my marital woes, and focused on the business day ahead.

Christina and Lauren Rose—my deputy chief of staff, a thirty-three-year old brunette from Florida; glamorous yet private—per usual, had already arrived. I had listened to the latter describe her recent meeting with House majority leader Jessica Robinson, yet already, unforgivably, my mind had begun to wander. Attentive as always, these two women knew my troubles very well, but said nothing, and carried on as best they could.

I was having an affair, no two ways about it, and felt reasonably sure Roby knew about it. He was having an affair—and I damn sure knew about it.

Despite his ostensibly conservative principles, our marriage always been one of mutual philandering; it just had seemed more frequent nowadays. In fact, I would not have professed surprise had he skipped across town after my departure to return to the bed of his latest infatuation. No, it had seemed too early in the morning for such things, either for him to do them or me to think them, so, finally, I had let it pass.

Lauren reported that Ms.

The Consequences of Molly’s Choice The Consequences of Molly’s Choice
The Consequences of Molly’s Choice The Consequences of Molly’s Choice
The Consequences of Molly’s Choice The Consequences of Molly’s Choice
The Consequences of Molly’s Choice The Consequences of Molly’s Choice
The Consequences of Molly’s Choice The Consequences of Molly’s Choice
The Consequences of Molly’s Choice The Consequences of Molly’s Choice
The Consequences of Molly’s Choice The Consequences of Molly’s Choice
The Consequences of Molly’s Choice The Consequences of Molly’s Choice

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