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Buy an eText. Thinking Socratically is a treatment of critical thinking, rather than an informal logic textbook. It emphasizes a philosophical reflection on real issues from everyday life, in order to teach students the skills of critical thinking in a commonplace context that is easy to understand and certain to be remembered. Improve Critical Thinking - Thinking Socratically contextualizes the presentation of critical thinking topics through easy-to-understand information, and shows, rather than just tells, students how to be critical thinkers by encouraging them to follow Socrates as a model.

Engage Students — Thinking Socratically exposes students to a variety of readings listed after expository material, Venn diagrams, chapter-end summaries, etc.

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Overview of Changes 2. Chapter-by-Chapter Changes. Found in this Section:. Pearson offers special pricing when you package your text with other student resources.

by Sharon Schwarze, Harvey Lape

If you're interested in creating a cost-saving package for your students, contact your Pearson rep. Dear Colleagues,. When we first started teaching critical thinking over twenty-five years ago the available textbooks fell into two camps: some were simplified "introduction to logic" texts, while others were little more than rhetoric handbooks fortified with a section on informal fallacies.

The first group offered models for critical thinking but provided no material to think critically about. The second analyzed devious ways of persuasion used in everything from advertising to politics. We soon began constructing our own materials for critical thinking, using the stories, news events, and issues that our students encountered in their daily lives.

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We believed then, and we believe now, that students need to learn critical thinking skills in a variety of contexts and from actual instances, not from concocted textbook examples. Our approach to critical thinking also has a strong philosophical underpinning. This helps students understand how their own beliefs are formed and how they fit together into webs of belief and ultimately into a view of the world which is shaped by their experience and which shapes their experience. Having this philosophical understanding helps them to monitor their own critical thinking in a new way, and it helps them to understand why we sometimes have arguments with each other.

All of this points to our definition of critical thinking which is open rational dialogue with our friends — and with ourselves. We include the usual topics found in critical thinking texts such as deductive and inductive reasoning and the fallacies, but we also present critical thinking as anchored in a much broader philosophical context.

Thus we include excerpts from Plato, Descartes, and Kant, among others. Moreover, we show how critical thinking applies in such diverse disciplines as history and science. Finally, we conclude Thinking Socratically with a whole section on ethics because, like Socrates, we think critical thinking can help people be better people, not just better critical thinkers.

We have found that students at every level enjoy and benefit from Thinking Socratically.

It has been used around the country by students from the undergraduate to the graduate level. Even teachers in K programs have used earlier editions to teach themselves how to teach critical thinking to their pre-college students. We hope that you will consider using this text if you are not using it already. We're sorry! We don't recognize your username or password.

Thinking Socratically, 3rd Edition

Please try again. And again, such a train may be supposed, to which, Socratically elicit the idea that they have to go up the mountain, to find out that there really is no dragon. So, that is exactly what the villagers decided. They made one of the elders go up the mountain, to see if there really was a dragon.

So, the Sam Cartwright-Hatton, These matters would lead beyond the scope of this chapter. For example, another kind of Socratically blameworthy ignorance Katja Maria Vogt, Muhsin J. Sure, it was a bit gimmicky—the year of living biblically or Socratically or whatever—but I was also sure to learn things about the role of music in my life and the The state of education innovation in and where we go from here. I like what's happening at Acton because they're obsessed with keeping costs low — from teaching Socratically to using free online tools to using flexible Today, instead of my pitiful, Socratically -infused, semi-desparate attempt to engage my still-not-yet-fully-formed-frontal-cortex-challenged daughter, I completely The disturbing dialogue goes on, attempting to prove Socratically that if homosexuality is permissible, Ted Bundy must be allowed to commit serial rape and Ridge converses socratically.

He will tell you what he believes, but he will also push you to articulate your beliefs as completely as possible. Ridge reads and We discuss things Socratically , and there's no right or wrong answer.

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We see where the discussion leads. Is it time for a socratic examination of packaging?

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The convergence of these market necessities is forcing companies to socratically re-examine themselves, their internal functions, their employee competencies, In spite of the modest financial prospects of a career in science, Oliver had He only stumbled in a post-victory appearance on Rachel Maddow's show, in which the host socratically wore Paul down on whether he'd have backed the Civil Socratically [online].

Thinking Socratically Thinking Socratically
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Thinking Socratically Thinking Socratically
Thinking Socratically

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