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While there she meets a woman named May Crandall, an elderly lady who somehow has a link to Avery's grandmother Judy. Her curiosity is piqued so she asks her grandmother about the relationship.

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Judy however is suffering from Alzheimer's and can't respond clearly to the questions. Therefore Avery decides to look into her grandmother's past and when she does secrets become unlocked. They lead to a murky situation concerning orphans and their adoptive parents.

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The other viewpoint belongs to a twelve year old girl named Rill. The time is and the place is Memphis, Tennessee. Rill lives in a boat on the river and helps take care of her four younger siblings. Her parents do the best they can for their children but life is hard.

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The book has alternate chapters telling the two stories - one of a woman looking into a mysterious past, and the other of a child looking ahead to an uncertain future. They are interwoven beautifully and create a drama that is both bleak and optimistic.

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  • Avery is a woman finding her roots while Rill is a girl afraid of losing hers. It is a rarity for an author to create a book with two central stories told side by side and not have one overshadow the other.

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    That is certainly not the case here as Avery's journey is every bit as compelling as Rill's. At the moment we are: Launching a new Netflix Original series — Creating numerous games for SVT — Working with a massive designer collaboration — Launching a new fashion brand — Developing a kids app — And working on various digital experiences. Looking for those livestreamed bird houses we built, or that big data tourist guide?


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    Take a pen and paper, take 10 minutes, and sit down quietly to really imagine an alternative future.

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    This is the question I sat down to answer on Tuesday night, and it unlocked some amazing, inspiring visions for me. Visions that have got me excited about the future and more determined than ever to help make change happen. Email me at dawn 4theregion.

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